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There’s a bat in my home!

February 20th, 2008

 All in One wildlife & Pest Management


The calls come in to our office daily, Can you get rid of a bat?

I live in Acton Ma. and there is a bat in my house!

The calls for a bat in the home come from all over metro west, yesterday a bat call from Sudbury Ma. the day before from Southboro

We constantly get calls for bats flying in the house from Marlborough Ma.

We respond to the call and remove the bat from inside the home, at the same time it is very important to inspect the property for signs of a colony.

Bats tend to roost in attics and chimneys during the summer months, they can also be found under the eve’s or shutters.

Just the other day we removed and bat proofed shutters on a home in Hudson Ma.

If a bat colony is discovered in an attic there is usually a large amount of guano and foul smell that accompanies the bat issue.

Other times it may just be a few bats summer roosting in an attic or chimney, in any case in order to properly remove the bats from the home, The wildlife removal experts at All in One perform a “Bat Exclusion”

This is when all of the openings and gaps in the building construction are located and sealed and bat exclusion devices are installed at the bats entry point.

This is generally dangerous work due to the locations of the entry points, often bats are in a chimney with deteriorated mortor joints or loose bricks and our full time chimney technician may need to repair the chimney in order to keep the bats out permanently.

The amount of bats found in homes in Natick and Wayland is not uncommon, in fact bats are found in buildings in Framingham and Ashland Ma. on a regular basis

Other services area’s we regularly recieve calls for bats in buildings and home’s stretch from Auburn to Boston, and include Worcester and surrounding communities, like West Boylston and Holden Ma. Sterling and even Fitchburg and Leominster

It is not uncommon the recieve bat calls from Harvard Ma. or Lancaster and Boxborough Massachusetts.

We have wildlife and pest management technitions in Waltham Ma. who service bat and other wildlife issue’s in the Waltham & Weston Mass area as well as The Newton and Wellesley Ma. area’s even Dover, Medway & Medfield Massachusetts, Stow and Bolton

We provide bat removal service to the Boston area communities like Brighton & Allston, Watertown and Cambridge, West Roxbury & Hyde Park, Jamacia Plain, Brookline Ma and even North of the city from Lynn up to Andover and Lowell, Lexington and Bedford also

If you are having an issue with bats in Massachusetts it is recommended to hire a lisenced and insured professional, for more information on “hiring a pro” you can check out

All in One wildlife & Pest Management